What is Sexy Beast (TV) About?
Sexy Beast is a British crime drama television series, serving as a prequel to the critically acclaimed 2000 film of the same name. Developed by Michael Caleo and premiering on Paramount+ in January 2024, the series retraces the formative years of the complex and uneasy friendship between Gal Dove, portrayed by James McArdle, and Don Logan, played by Emun Elliott, set against the backdrop of a turbulent 1990s London criminal scene. The narrative follows Gal Dove, a thief later revealed as an ex-safe cracker, who finds himself embroiled in the city's crime sphere alongside Don Logan, his best friend and fellow criminal. Their lives take a dramatic turn when Gal becomes romantically involved with Deedee Harrison, an enthralling adult film star played by Sarah Greene. This connection drags him deeper into the web of organized crime, with the influence of characters like Teddy Bass, another key figure from the original film, here reintroduced as part of Gal's descent into the criminal world. The ensemble cast reimagines younger versions of these infamous characters, offering a fresh perspective on their stories. Through its plot, 'Sexy Beast' explores themes of morality, ambition, and the dynamic between friendship and the criminal lifestyle. It provides an origin story that attempts to expand the universe and depth of the characters known from the film while standing on its own as a captivating drama about love and crime amidst the shifting social landscape of '90s London.
The first episode of Sexy Beast aired on January 25, 2024 and the most recent episode to air was on February 29, 2024.