Shows like Sherman's Showcase
Looking for shows that are like Sherman's Showcase? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Key & Peele image

    1. Key & Peele

    #516 most popular show yesterday

    Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's show provides viewers incredible character work and thought-provoking humor. The duo's remarkable chemistry and ability to tackle social issues with laughter makes it a kindred spirit to Sherman's Showcase.

  • The Eric Andre Show image

    2. The Eric Andre Show

    #675 most popular show yesterday

    With its subversive take on the late-night talk show format, The Eric Andre Show is as unpredictable and irreverent as comedy gets. Fans of Sherman's Showcase's unique genre blend might find a kindred spirit in Eric Andre's anarchic humor.

  • I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson image

    3. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

    #874 most popular show yesterday

    This sketch comedy series known for its absurdity and unexpected twists can be a hit with fans of Sherman's Showcase who enjoy sketches that start in reality and quickly veer off into surreal and bizarre scenarios.

  • Portlandia image

    4. Portlandia

    #1,066 most popular show yesterday

    Portlandia's offbeat and gentle satire of the eccentricities of Portland, Oregon and its residents offers a quirky brand of humor similar to Sherman's Showcase. It’s perfect for those who enjoy wit and satire within a distinctively stylized world.

  • Documentary Now! image

    5. Documentary Now!

    #1,445 most popular show yesterday

    This show parodies the style and format of documentaries. Fans of Sherman's Showcase will appreciate Documentary Now! for its commitment to a niche type of comedy and the clever way it presents each episode as a distinct and humorous take on documentary filmmaking.

  • A Black Lady Sketch Show image

    6. A Black Lady Sketch Show

    #1,701 most popular show yesterday

    This groundbreaking series takes on culture and comedy from the perspective of black women with a cast that brings dynamic characters and inventive sketches. It's a fresh and unique sketch show that Sherman's Showcase fans should enjoy for its humor and originality.