What is Shining Vale (TV) About?
Shining Vale is a blend of satirical comedy and horror elements that tells the story of the Phelps family's transition from city life to a seemingly idyllic small town. The central character, Patricia 'Pat' Phelps, a once-wild youth turned famous author, is caught in a marital indiscretion, prompting the move. In their new home, a house with a history of horrific events, Pat alone senses something amiss. She struggles with the ambiguity of her symptoms, torn between the possibility of mental illness and supernatural possession, while her family adapts to the new environment, unaware of any eerie past. Throughout the series, themes of personal fulfillment, family dynamics, and the struggle with unseen demons—both literal and metaphorical—are explored as Pat confronts the chilling possibility that her haunting may not be purely psychological.
The first episode of Shining Vale aired on March 06, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on December 01, 2023.