Shows like Shooter
Looking for shows that are like Shooter? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Banshee image

    1. Banshee

    #199 most popular show yesterday

    Though narratively distinct in its approach, 'Banshee' offers a visceral experience with its ex-con protagonist assuming the identity of a murdered sheriff. Its action-packed sequences and morally ambiguous character studies will appeal to 'Shooter' enthusiasts.

  • SEAL Team image

    2. SEAL Team

    #456 most popular show yesterday

    Following the professional and personal lives of an elite unit of Navy SEALs, 'SEAL Team' provides a gripping look into the intense world of high-stakes missions and warfare, resonating with fans of 'Shooter' who appreciate detailed military tactics and strong character development.

  • Quantico image

    3. Quantico

    #1,284 most popular show yesterday

    This FBI-themed drama focuses on a group of young recruits, one of whom is suspected of being a terrorist infiltrator. 'Quantico' delivers complex narratives and thrilling suspense similar to what fans have come to love in 'Shooter'.

  • The Unit image

    4. The Unit

    #1,317 most popular show yesterday

    With its focus on a top-secret military unit and the soldiers' dangerous missions, 'The Unit' offers a thrilling look into the world of special operations, much like 'Shooter'. Its blend of action, personal drama, and patriotism will hit the right notes with the same audience.