What is Shrinking (TV) About?
Shrinking is an American comedy-drama television series that centres around Jimmy Laird, a grief-stricken therapist who embarks on an unorthodox approach to his life and practice after the loss of his wife. Breaking away from traditional therapeutic boundaries, Jimmy decides to engage with the lives of his patients and loved ones with a new level of directness, implementing radical honesty in place of his previous methods. The show navigates the complexity of human emotions and relationships through Jimmy's interactions and the responses from those around him. As he attempts to reconcile his roles as a father, friend, and therapist, the series explores themes of grief, healing, and the impact of unconventional approaches to therapy. Alongside Jason Segel, who portrays Jimmy, the cast includes notable actors such as Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, and others who contribute to the dynamic storytelling and character development. The series made its debut on Apple TV+ and, as of its release, has garnered critical acclaim for its blend of humor and heartfelt exploration of serious themes.
The first episode of Shrinking aired on January 26, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on March 23, 2023.