What is SKAM Italia (TV) About?
SKAM Italia is an Italian adaptation of the acclaimed Norwegian series Skam. Located in the urban backdrop of Rome, the series unfolds within the halls of Liceo J.F. Kennedy High School, where a group of students face the universal challenges of teen life. From the intensity of first loves to the struggle of finding one's identity, the show delves into issues such as sexuality, mental health, and societal expectations. With each season dedicated to a different protagonist, the series provides a multi-faceted examination of contemporary youth culture. Initially utilizing a real-time production method, scenes were released according to the narrative's timeline, reflecting the immediacy of the characters' lives, complemented with the innovative use of social media platforms for deeper storytelling. Later seasons maintained a focus on character-centric narratives but shifted to conventional release formats. Since its inception, SKAM Italia has gained attention for its authentic portrayal of adolescence and its innovative storytelling techniques.
The first episode of SKAM Italia aired on March 29, 2018 and the most recent episode to air was on January 18, 2024.