What is Slow Horses (TV) About?
Slow Horses is an espionage drama series that offers viewers a look at the unglamorous side of intelligence work through the experiences of a group of MI5 agents who have failed in their careers. Directed to Slough House, a dumping ground for the intelligence community's sidelined personnel, these 'slow horses' are expected to perform mundane tasks until they resign out of frustration. Despite being led by the slovenly and abrasive Jackson Lamb, they continually find themselves at the center of complex and dangerous operations that have implications for national security. This series balances moments of high-stakes tension with character-driven drama, unfolding within the grimy and bureaucratically stifling environment of Slough House. Each episode builds upon the intricate web of espionage as characters navigate a world filled with duplicity and threat, teetering between obscurity and the chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the service. Slow Horses portrays the world of the forgotten in espionage with a unique blend of cynicism, dark humor, and unexpected gravity.
The first episode of Slow Horses aired on April 01, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on December 27, 2023.