What is Snake Oil (TV) About?
Snake Oil is an American television game show format that brings together elements of entrepreneurship and competition. Premiering on September 27, 2023, the show presents contestants with the task of identifying authentic products from a mix of genuine and phony items, the latter being labeled as 'Snake Oil'. These items are pitched by a group of entrepreneurs, who may or may not be forthcoming about the legitimacy of their products. Contestants, aided by celebrity advisors, start with a predetermined amount in a virtual 'bank', which they can use to invest in the products they believe are real. A strategic and cautious approach is required as they must avoid the fake products in order to maximize their earnings. Throughout the game, contestants have the opportunity to increase their winnings to a substantial sum, provided they successfully navigate through the deceits presented to them. As both an entertaining game show and a display of business acumen, Snake Oil combines commerce with the theatrical elements of deception, testing contestants' instincts and judgment as they sift through a mixture of true innovation and convincing fabrications. Hosted and produced by comedian David Spade, the program adds a layer of humor and wit to the proceedings, creating an engaging and dynamic viewing experience.
The first episode of Snake Oil aired on September 27, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on December 13, 2023.