What is Strong Girl Nam-soon (TV) About?
Strong Girl Nam-soon is a South Korean television series that debuted in 2023. It stars Lee Yoo-mi as the eponymous character Nam-soon, who possesses superhuman strength, a trait that sets the stage for a tale of family, crime, and the burdens of extraordinary abilities. After vanishing in Mongolia during her childhood, Nam-soon returns to South Korea as an adult, driven by the desire to reconnect with her birth family. Her search leads her to her mother, a wealthy businesswoman, and her grandmother residing in the affluent Gangnam district. However, the family reunion becomes the nexus of a complicated drug investigation, spearheaded by Detective Gang Hee-sik. As Nam-soon becomes embroiled in this criminal intrigue, the series explores themes of identity, familial bonds, and the utilization of one's unique powers for the greater good. Featuring a blend of action, drama, and heartfelt moments, 'Strong Girl Nam-soon' commands audience attention with its dynamic storytelling and robust characters. The show aired on JTBC and was accessible through Netflix in selected regions, gaining noteworthy ratings and audience acclaim for its compelling narrative and character development.
The first episode of Strong Girl Nam-soon aired on October 07, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on November 26, 2023.