What is Such Brave Girls (TV) About?
Such Brave Girls is a British sitcom series that follows the story of the Johnsons, a single-parent family consisting of sisters Josie and Billie, and their mother Deb. The show is a comedic yet poignant exploration of their trials and tribulations, characterized by dysfunctional relationships, a lack of financial stability, and an intense, often misguided, craving for affection and approval. Created and written by Kat Sadler, who also plays the role of Josie, the series features Louise Brealey as Deb and Lizzie Davidson as Billie, with additional performances by Freddie Meredith, Paul Bazely, Jude Mack, Sam Buchanan, Carla Woodcock, and Amy Trigg. Directed by Simon Bird and produced by Catherine Gosling Fuller, the show is a collaboration between Various Artists Ltd and A24. Such Brave Girls has been particularly noted for its authentic portrayal of personal failings and family bonds, managing to combine elements of humor with sensitive subjects reflective of real-life struggles. Commissioned for full production following a successful pilot episode in 2021, the sitcom offers a unique and unflinching glimpse into the lives of its deeply flawed yet relatable characters.
The first episode of Such Brave Girls aired on November 22, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on December 06, 2023.