What is Sweet Tooth (TV) About?
Sweet Tooth is an American fantasy drama TV series that unfolds in a dystopian world ravaged by a deadly pandemic, which has led to the near-extinction of humans and given rise to the birth of hybrid children possessing animal traits. The narrative centers on Gus, a young hybrid with deer-like features, who, following the loss of his father, embarks on a treacherous adventure to discover his origins and find a place to call home. As Gus journeys through the remnants of society, he forms an unlikely bond with a wandering loner named Jepperd, who becomes his protector and guide. Their quest is set against a backdrop of mystery and danger, as hybrids are hunted and feared by the remaining human survivors. Developed by Jim Mickle and inspired by the comic book series by Jeff Lemire, 'Sweet Tooth' explores the intricacies of human nature, the bonds formed during adversity, and the enduring quest for hope and connection amidst chaos. The series weaves a compelling tale that combines heartfelt storytelling with a rich, post-apocalyptic world, introducing an ensemble cast of characters that reflect a diverse range of experiences and perspectives.
The first episode of Sweet Tooth aired on June 04, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on April 27, 2023.