Shows like The Fosters
Looking for shows that are like The Fosters? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Good Trouble image

    1. Good Trouble

    #628 most popular show yesterday

    A spin-off of The Fosters, Good Trouble follows Callie and Mariana as they navigate their lives in Los Angeles, facing the challenges of young adulthood. Fans of The Fosters will enjoy the continuation of the Adams Foster family saga with new conflicts and character development.

  • One Day at a Time image

    2. One Day at a Time

    #1,087 most popular show yesterday

    A reboot of the 1970s sitcom, this comedy-drama revolves around a Cuban-American family and deals with themes such as mental illness, immigration, and LGBTQ+ issues. It shares The Fosters' commitment to diversity and contemporary social issues.

  • Atypical image

    3. Atypical

    #1,204 most popular show yesterday

    Atypical is a heartwarming coming-of-age story of a teenager on the autism spectrum. The show's focus on family issues, personal growth, and acceptance can appeal to viewers who are fond of the depth and warmth found in The Fosters.

  • Switched at Birth image

    4. Switched at Birth

    #1,399 most popular show yesterday

    Addressing complex family dynamics, this show explores the lives of two teenagers who discover they were switched at birth. Audiences who appreciate the family-focused storytelling and attention to social issues in The Fosters will find a similar blend in Switched at Birth.

  • Party of Five image

    5. Party of Five

    #1,931 most popular show yesterday

    Following the lives of five siblings who must fend for themselves after losing their parents, Party of Five shares The Fosters' themes of family and resilience in the face of adversity. Its reboot also directly tackles current social issues, much like The Fosters.