What is The Glory (TV) About?
The Glory is a haunting tale of vengeance and resilience set within the context of the South Korean education system. The drama follows a woman whose youth was marred by severe bullying, inciting her to orchestrate an elaborate revenge scheme years later. Central to the narrative is Moon Dong-eun, portrayed by Song Hye-kyo, who endures a harrowing period of abuse during her school years. As an adult, Dong-eun seizes the opportunity for retribution by becoming a homeroom teacher at the elementary school attended by the offspring of her chief bully. Crafted by screenwriter Kim Eun-sook and brought to the screen by director Ahn Gil-ho, the series features a skilled ensemble cast, complementing the lead's performance with multifaceted characters that exhibit the complexities of past traumas and moral ambiguity. Released in two parts, the series was embraced by viewers and critics, leading to critical acclaim, high viewership numbers, and multiple awards. The Glory not only serves as a compelling narrative of personal vendetta but also sheds light on the societal issue of school violence, drawing inspiration from distressing real-life events. It stands as a stark reminder of the scars left by bullying and the lengths to which one might go to seek solace and vindication.
The first episode of The Glory aired on December 30, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on March 10, 2023.