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What is The Great North About?

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The Great North
The Great North is an animated sitcom that takes viewers on an entertaining journey to the remote Alaskan town of Lone Moose. The show revolves around the Tobin family, led by single father Beef Tobin, a larger-than-life character who works as a bush pilot to support his eclectic brood. We get to know the Tobin children, including beef-loving Judy, aspiring filmmaker Wolf, kind-hearted Ham, and imaginative Moon. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of life in the Great North, grappling with quirky neighbors, unique Alaskan traditions, and the challenges that come with living in such a remote location. Throughout the series, the show explores the enchanting beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, showcasing stunning landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits them. With its heartwarming humor and relatable family dynamics, The Great North strikes a perfect balance between comedy and heartfelt storytelling. By celebrating the joys and struggles of a non-traditional family in an unconventional environment, the show offers a fresh and unique perspective that resonates with audiences of all ages. Join the Tobin family on their unending adventures, as they learn valuable life lessons and discover the true meaning of 'home' amidst the remote beauty of the Great North.
The first episode of The Great North aired on January 03, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on May 21, 2023.