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What is The Long Shadow About?

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The Long Shadow
The Long Shadow is a riveting television series that delves into the notorious case of Peter Sutcliffe, famously referred to as the Yorkshire Ripper. This enthralling drama chronicles the relentless pursuit carried out by the British police during the period from October 1975 to January 1981. In what would become the largest manhunt in British criminal history, over a thousand officers were assigned to the effort, spanning a tense five-year investigation. The Long Shadow meticulously unravels the details of this chilling case, illustrating the immense impact it had on the British police force and the lasting changes it implemented within law enforcement practices. Through meticulous storytelling and compelling performances, the series provides a gripping portrayal of the hunt for Sutcliffe and the repercussions that reverberated throughout the nation.
The first episode of The Long Shadow aired on September 25, 2023 and the most recent episode to air was on November 06, 2023.