Shows like The Masked Dancer
Looking for shows that are like The Masked Dancer? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • America's Got Talent image

    1. America's Got Talent

    #103 most popular show yesterday

    An all-encompassing talent show that invites acts of all kinds, including dancers. Audiences who appreciate the variety on The Masked Dancer are likely to enjoy the wide range of performances on display here.

  • The Voice image

    2. The Voice

    #299 most popular show yesterday

    While primarily a singing competition, The Voice adds a flair of mystery similar to The Masked Dancer with its blind auditions, where the coaches only hear the contestant without seeing them, making it about pure talent.

  • The Masked Singer image

    3. The Masked Singer

    #355 most popular show yesterday

    A spin-off from the same creative team as The Masked Dancer, this show features celebrities disguised in elaborate costumes while performing songs. The guessing game aspect to unveil the singer's identity offers a similar appeal with a focus on vocal performance.

  • Dancing with the Stars image

    4. Dancing with the Stars

    #635 most popular show yesterday

    This celebrity dance competition pairs stars with professional dancers to perform choreographed dances live. The competitive element and progression through various dance styles provide entertainment for fans of performance-based reality shows.

  • So You Think You Can Dance image

    5. So You Think You Can Dance

    #982 most popular show yesterday

    A contest that puts dancers through a variety of styles to test their versatility, featuring performances and live eliminations. The show's dynamic routines and charismatic contestants might draw in viewers who enjoy dance-based competitions.

  • Lip Sync Battle image

    6. Lip Sync Battle

    #1,203 most popular show yesterday

    Celebrities go head-to-head lip-syncing to popular songs, often incorporating dance routines and costumes for comedic or dramatic effect. It shares the playful performance spirit found in The Masked Dancer.