What is The Moodys (TV) About?
The Moodys, an American television sitcom, portrays the familial and comedic escapades of the Moody family, anchored by spouses Sean Moody Sr. (Denis Leary) and Ann Moody (Elizabeth Perkins). Set in Chicago, the series originally debuted on December 4, 2019, and follows the couple's reunion with their adult offspring during the festive Christmas season, echoing the dysfunctional yet endearing antics of the family. The show is an adaptation of an Australian series, also titled 'The Moodys', which subsequently influenced the decision for the initial seasonal focus in the American version. Spanning two seasons, the show's narrative ventures into various aspects of family life, from personal struggles to misadventures, all under the framework of humor and relatable domestic themes. Despite being set around the holidays, the series delves into the lives of the Moody family beyond just the seasonal cheer, offering a glimpse into their relationships and individual journeys. Fox premiered the show with a two-episode back-to-back format, totaling six episodes for the first season. After renewal for a second season, which premiered on April 1, 2021, the show faced scheduling shifts before its eventual cancellation. 'The Moodys' concluded with its series finale airing on June 20, 2021, leaving behind a comedic legacy defined by its portrayal of a tight-knit, albeit slightly dysfunctional family unit.
The first episode of The Moodys aired on December 04, 2019 and the most recent episode to air was on June 20, 2021.