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What is The Nevers About?

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The Nevers
The Nevers is an intriguing science fiction drama television series that takes place in Victorian-era London. The story revolves around a diverse group of individuals, predominantly women, who suddenly discover that they possess extraordinary abilities. Referred to as 'The Touched,' these individuals find themselves both feared and admired by society as they grapple with the various challenges and opportunities presented by their newfound powers. At the center of the narrative is the enigmatic and resilient widow Amalia True, who becomes the leader of 'The Touched.' Together, they embark on a daunting journey to protect themselves while delving into the origins of their extraordinary abilities. As The Nevers seamlessly intertwines historical elements with supernatural phenomena, it offers viewers a captivating twist on the conventional period drama genre.
The first episode of The Nevers aired on April 11, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on May 16, 2021.