Shows like The Ranch
Looking for shows that are like The Ranch? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Modern Family image

    1. Modern Family

    #137 most popular show yesterday

    This mockumentary-style show captures the diverse dynamics of a modern family. While more suburban than The Ranch, its clever writing and heartfelt moments are likely to please those who enjoy character-driven comedy.

  • Two and a Half Men image

    2. Two and a Half Men

    #280 most popular show yesterday

    Created by Chuck Lorre, the same mind behind The Ranch, this show features a unique family situation and plenty of adult humor. The comedic chemistry between the main characters offers a similar dynamic to that of The Ranch.

  • That '70s Show image

    3. That '70s Show

    #371 most popular show yesterday

    Sharing both a rural setting and actor Danny Masterson, That '70s Show plays on the nostalgia and comedic elements of a group of teenagers in the 1970s. Fans of The Ranch will enjoy seeing familiar faces in a different, yet humorously comparable context.

  • The Middle image

    4. The Middle

    #387 most popular show yesterday

    Showcasing the life of a middle-class family in Indiana, The Middle presents humor in the face of financial struggles and everyday life. Similar in its portrayal of American family life, it could resonate with viewers of The Ranch.

  • Last Man Standing image

    5. Last Man Standing

    #407 most popular show yesterday

    This sitcom stars Tim Allen as a conservative father navigating the modern world with his family. With its blend of politics, family dynamics, and humor, fans of The Ranch will appreciate the similarly themed comedy and blue-collar charm.

  • Roseanne image

    6. Roseanne

    #546 most popular show yesterday

    One of the early shows to depict a working-class family with authenticity and humor, Roseanne set the stage for comedies like The Ranch. Its reboot, 'The Conners', continues to provide laughs and poignant takes on family life.

  • Home Improvement image

    7. Home Improvement

    #566 most popular show yesterday

    An earlier sitcom featuring Tim Allen, Home Improvement revolves around family life, masculine identity, and workmanship. Its focus on middle-class family values and comedy aligns well with what fans appreciate in The Ranch.

  • Bless This Mess image

    8. Bless This Mess

    #1,892 most popular show yesterday

    With a plot revolving around a couple trading city life for country living, Bless This Mess offers a humorous take on rural adjustments. If you like the agricultural and rural themes in The Ranch, this is a light-hearted alternative to check out.