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What is The Republic of Sarah About?

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The Republic of Sarah
The Republic of Sarah is a dramatic, engaging television show set in the backdrop of the imaginary town of Greylock, New Hampshire. This captivating series is instigated when a sizable deposit of a valuable mineral resource is detected underneath the town, leading to the attention of a big, merciless corporation. The corporation's voracious greed aims to dismantle the town to excavate and capitalize on this newfound wealth, uprooting the surviving community of this tranquil town. Their quiet world gets threatened, leading the story's main protagonist, Sarah Cooper, into action. Sara, a high school teacher well-respected and beloved by her students, isn't afraid to face the big dogs. She cleverly navigates a loophole in the system to declare the town's autonomy, significantly posing as the Republic of Sarah to protect their homes and way of life. The series follows this inspiring journey, beckoning viewers to explore the depths of small-town politics, the power of community, and the rampant capitalism that jeopardizes it all. It's a well-scripted story of resilience, kinship, and the courage it takes to fight for the place you call home.
The first episode of The Republic of Sarah aired on June 14, 2021 and the most recent episode to air was on September 06, 2021.