What is The Villains of Valley View (TV) About?
The Villains of Valley View is an American comedy television series that revolves around the members of a supervillain family who are compelled to flee their previous life of crime. Under the new surname of Madden, the family settles in the unassuming town of Valley View, Texas, after falling out of favor with the League of Villains. The series provides a comedic exploration of the family's struggles to assimilate into normalcy without exposing their superpowers and villainous background. While the family patriarch, Vic, a mad scientist, and matriarch Eva, an electrical supervillain, try to adapt to ordinary routines, their children—clever Jake, rebellious Amy, and the youngest, Colby—also juggle the trials of a regular life with their ingrained villainous instincts. Woven into the hilarity are themes of identity, family unity, and the quest for acceptance. The characters, while thwarting detection by both authorities and heroes, continually find themselves at odds with their desires to either maintain or break away from their villainous nature. Created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore, the series premiered on Disney Channel and features a cast including Isabella Pappas, Malachi Barton, Reed Horstmann, Kayden Muller-Janssen, James Patrick Stuart, and Lucy Davis. The Villains of Valley View is a blend of situational comedy and family dynamics, coupled with a uniquely super twist that keeps its audience engaged as the characters attempt to redefine what it means to be a villain.
The first episode of The Villains of Valley View aired on June 03, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on December 01, 2023.