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What is Timeless About?

Timeless list of episodes
Timeless is an American science fiction television series that first premiered in 2016. The show centers around a team of time travelers who embark on thrilling missions to different periods in history. Led by a history professor, a soldier, and a scientist, the team must prevent a villain from altering the course of history and affecting the present day. Timeless blends elements of action, mystery, and historical drama to create a unique viewing experience. Each episode takes the characters and viewers on a journey through time, exploring pivotal moments and significant events from various periods. The show's fast-paced storytelling keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, while its attention to historical accuracy and details provides an educational component. From ancient civilizations to key moments in modern history, Timeless offers a captivating blend of entertainment and learning.
The first episode of Timeless aired on October 03, 2016 and the most recent episode to air was on December 20, 2018.