What is V Wars (TV) About?
V Wars is a thrilling sci-fi television series that follows the story of Dr. Luther Swann, a human whose life takes a dramatic turn when a mysterious virus spreads, transforming his best friend, Michael Fayne, into a deadly predator. As the virus spreads throughout society, it sparks a deadly war between humans and vampires, unleashing chaos and exposing hidden tensions between the two species. Blending elements of horror, drama, and suspense, this gripping show delves into the dark and complex world of vampires, exploring themes of morality, survival, and the weight of responsibility. Each episode delves deeper into the conflict, revealing the intertwined fates of humans and vampires as they struggle to coexist or annihilate one another. With its intense storytelling and compelling characters, V Wars keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they grapple with the moral dilemmas and choices faced by the characters in this high-stakes battle for survival.
The first episode of V Wars aired on December 05, 2019 and the most recent episode to air was on December 05, 2019.