Shows like Vigil
Looking for shows that are like Vigil? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Hunters image

    1. Hunters

    #316 most popular show yesterday

    A dramatic thriller that follows a diverse band of Nazi hunters living in 1977 New York City. While it doesn't share the naval setting of Vigil, it encapsulates a similar tension and the characters' pursuit of justice against a backdrop of overarching conspiracy.

  • The Terror image

    2. The Terror

    #426 most popular show yesterday

    Set aboard a British Royal Navy ship in the mid-1800s, The Terror explores the crew's fight for survival against a terrifying force. With its combination of maritime setting, close-quarters tension, and survival drama, fans of Vigil may find familiar elements to enjoy.

  • Homeland image

    3. Homeland

    #515 most popular show yesterday

    This critically acclaimed series dives into the psyche of a brilliant but volatile CIA officer played by Claire Danes. Like Vigil, Homeland combines the personal with the political, creating a volatile mix that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

  • Bodyguard image

    4. Bodyguard

    #782 most popular show yesterday

    Created by the same team as Vigil, Bodyguard offers a similarly intense look into the world of personal protection and political conflict within the UK. Fans of the high stakes and dramatic tension in Vigil will also gravitate towards this show.

  • Das Boot image

    5. Das Boot

    #1,113 most popular show yesterday

    The TV adaptation of the famous film and novel, Das Boot captivates with its WWII narrative centered around the German U-boat crew and the Resistance. The fear, moral ambiguity, and life-or-death scenarios will resonate with those who appreciate the gripping atmosphere of Vigil.