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What is WeCrashed About?

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WeCrashed is a television drama series with its narrative woven around the real-life events surrounding the massive rise and epic free-fall of the commercial property start-up WeWork. It meticulously chronicles the journey of its notoriously flamboyant co-founder Adam Neumann and his wife Rebekah Neumann whose personal life and eccentricities are as much a part of the plot as their professional endeavors. The twisted tale of ambition and hubris paints a vivid picture of the demand of the corporate world with its inseparable attachment to image and appearance. The larger than life personalities of Adam and Rebekah, their lofty yet elusive vision, their polarizing management style, and the glamorous yet reckless corporate culture they fostered, all mirrored the infamous WeWork saga. The series is much more than a corporate downslide tale; it exposes the harsh reality of glamorous startups, severely deluded ambitions, corporate greed, and blind faith in charismatic leaders. Ultimately, WeCrashed offers a compelling exploration of a startup story that promised to change the world, but ended in a spectacular failure.
The first episode of WeCrashed aired on March 18, 2022 and the most recent episode to air was on April 22, 2022.