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What is Your Honor About?

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Your Honor
Your Honor is a captivating legal drama show that delves deeply into the labyrinthine complexities of the justice system. The central character is a high-ranking judge, widely admired for his forthright approach to justice. However, his ethical values are brutally tested when his own son gets involved in a tragic hit-and-run incident, leading to unexpected death. The aftermath spirals the judge into a world of deceit, manipulation, and dangerous choices as he grapples with the consequences of helping his son evade the law. Simultaneously, the series highlights the widening chasm between justice for the privileged and justice for the impoverished within society. With a blend of suspenseful plot twists, multifaceted characters, and gutsy dialogues, Your Honor pulls the viewers into a remorseless exploration of family, morality, and the fractures within the legal system.
The first episode of Your Honor aired on December 06, 2020 and the most recent episode to air was on March 19, 2023.