What is Zorro (TV) About?
Zorro is a Spanish language action-adventure series that revives the legendary character created by Johnston McCulley. Set against the backdrop of 1834, the show centers on Diego de la Vega, a young nobleman who dons the black mask of Zorro to avenge his father’s death and to combat injustice in California. Embroiled in a quest for justice, the series depicts Zorro taking on the corrupt Governor, the hostile leader of the Chinese community, and a menacing secret society. Through his alter ego, de la Vega champions the oppressed and challenges the forces threatening to exploit the locals. The television series offers a modern interpretation of the traditional Zorro narrative, delving into themes of vengeance, heroism, and the fight against tyranny. The show features aesthetically rich locations and is filmed extensively in the Canary Islands, leveraging the region's diverse landscapes to evoke the historic setting of the story. While remaining true to its roots of swashbuckling action, 'Zorro' introduces new layers to the established characters, enriching the classic story with contemporary resonance. It showcases elaborate swordplay, intricate plotlines, and a captivating portrayal of early California, inviting viewers into the thrilling world of one of fiction's most enduring heroes.
The first episode of Zorro aired on January 25, 2024 and the most recent episode to air was on January 25, 2024.