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  • Grey's Anatomy Poster
    Grey's Anatomy
    as Trina Paiz 1 episode • #19 most popular show
    Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama television series that follows the personal and professional lives of surgical interns, residents, and attendings at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Created by Shonda Rhimes, the show explores the challenges and triumphs of the talented doctors as they navigate their careers and personal relationships. With its compelling characters and intricate storylines, Grey's Anatomy has become a cultural phenomenon, touching on themes of love, loss, and the complexities of the medical field.
  • Succession Poster
    as Beth 1 episode • #74 most popular show
    Succession is a television drama series that follows the lives of the Roy family, who are wealthy and powerful media moguls. The show explores the themes of power, family dynamics, and the pursuit of control. With a stellar cast, gripping plotlines, and sharp dialogue, Succession has garnered critical acclaim for its portrayal of the corrupt and cutthroat world of the ultra-rich. The series delves into the complexities of the characters' relationships and their relentless drive for dominance in both their personal and professional lives.
  • Castle Poster
    as Romy Lee 1 episode • #218 most popular show
    Castle is an American crime-comedy-drama television series that aired on ABC from 2009 to 2016. The show revolves around Richard Castle, a bestselling mystery novelist, and Kate Beckett, an NYPD homicide detective. Together, they solve a variety of cases while also navigating their complex personal relationship. With its blend of humor, suspense, and romantic tension, Castle captivated audiences and became a hit series. It received critical acclaim for its witty writing, engaging characters, and the chemistry between the lead actors. Castle remains a beloved show for fans of crime dramas and lighthearted entertainment.
  • Dexter: New Blood Poster
    Dexter: New Blood
    as Molly Park 7 episodes • #251 most popular show
    Dexter: New Blood is a thrilling revival of the popular 'Dexter' series, set ten years after the original. Now living under a new identity in a small town, Dexter must face his past.
  • This Is Us Poster
    This Is Us
    as Ava 1 episode • #290 most popular show
    This Is Us is an American television series that follows the lives of members of the Pearson family. The show interweaves their stories across different time periods, highlighting their triumphs, struggles, and deep connections. This heartwarming drama explores themes of love, loss, and the complexities of family relationships. With its poignant storytelling and compelling characters, This Is Us has become a critically acclaimed and beloved series, resonating with audiences of all ages.
  • Once Upon a Time Poster
    Once Upon a Time
    as Mulan 12 episodes • #344 most popular show
    Once Upon a Time is a fantasy drama television series that premiered on ABC. The show explores a fictional town called Storybrooke, where fairy tale characters are trapped in the real world due to a curse cast by the Evil Queen. The series follows the adventures of Emma Swan, a bail bond agent turned savior, as she tries to break the curse and restore happiness to the residents of Storybrooke. Filled with magical elements and intricate storytelling, Once Upon a Time captivates its audience with its creative twist on classic fairy tales.
  • So Help Me Todd Poster
    So Help Me Todd
    as Lauren Park 1 episode • #404 most popular show
    So Help Me Todd is a legal drama centering on a talented but wayward private investigator joining forces with his successful but domineering attorney mother at her law firm, navigating complex cases and family dynamics.
  • ER Poster
    as Jin Kim 1 episode • #433 most popular show
    ER is a popular medical drama series that aired on NBC from 1994 to 2009. Set in the fictional County General Hospital in Chicago, the show follows a group of doctors and nurses as they navigate the challenges and chaos of everyday life in a busy emergency room. Known for its gritty realism, ER delves into the personal and professional lives of the medical staff, giving viewers an inside look into the high-pressure world of emergency medicine.
  • Veronica Mars Poster
    Veronica Mars
    as Flirting Girl 1 episode • #613 most popular show
    Veronica Mars is an American teen noir mystery drama television series created by Rob Thomas. The show follows the life of Veronica Mars, a high school student and private investigator, as she navigates her way through the complexities of her small coastal California town. With a sharp wit and an insatiable curiosity, Veronica uses her skills to solve various mysteries and uncover the truth behind crimes. Veronica Mars has garnered a dedicated fan base for its unique blend of mystery, drama, and dark humor.
  • Gotham Poster
    as Valerie Vale 6 episodes • #677 most popular show
    Gotham is a crime drama television series that explores the early years of Gotham City and follows the rise of Detective James Gordon as he navigates the corrupt and dangerous world of the city's criminals. The show features iconic characters from the Batman mythos, including a young Bruce Wayne and his eventual transformation into the Dark Knight. With its gritty and atmospheric aesthetic, Gotham provides an intriguing and captivating look into the origins of some of DC Comics' most notorious villains.
  • Lovecraft Country Poster
    Lovecraft Country
    as Ji-Ah 10 episodes • #1,028 most popular show
    Lovecraft Country is a thrilling television series that combines elements of horror, fantasy, and drama. It follows the story of a young African-American man named Atticus Freeman, who embarks on a road trip in 1950s America to search for his missing father. Along the way, Atticus and his friends encounter both overt and supernatural racism, as they navigate through a country deeply divided by segregation and haunted by mythical creatures inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. With its thought-provoking themes and captivating performances, Lovecraft Country explores the horrors of both human and supernatural nature.
  • Name That Tune Poster
    Name That Tune
    as Self - Contestant 1 episode • #1,464 most popular show
    Name That Tune is a popular television game show where contestants compete to identify well-known songs in a limited amount of time. The show features a host who plays short clips of songs, and contestants must quickly buzz in and correctly guess the song title or artist. With a mix of different genres and eras, Name That Tune tests the musical knowledge and memory skills of its participants. Each episode is filled with excitement, as contestants race against the clock to correctly identify the songs and earn points.
  • My Dad the Bounty Hunter Poster
    My Dad the Bounty Hunter
    as Vax (voice) 10 episodes • #1,762 most popular show
    ‘My Dad the Bounty Hunter’ is an animated series that combines family dynamics with sci-fi adventure. The plot centers around a father who leads a double life as an intergalactic bounty hunter. His children unintentionally become part of his extraterrestrial endeavours when they stow away on his spaceship, leading to unexpected entanglements in his mission.
  • Mr. Corman Poster
    Mr. Corman
    as Emily Song 1 episode • #1,834 most popular show
    Mr. Corman is a television series that follows the life of Josh Corman, a public school teacher in Los Angeles who grapples with his own insecurities and dissatisfaction. Created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the show explores themes of existentialism, anxiety, and the struggles of finding meaning in life. With a realistic and introspective approach, Mr. Corman offers a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant portrayal of a middle-aged man searching for purpose in the midst of a mid-life crisis.
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Jamie Chung Biography
Jamie Jilynn Chung is an American actress and former reality television personality. Born on April 10, 1983, she first gained recognition as a cast member on the MTV reality series The Real World: San Diego in 2004. She continued her reality TV career by appearing on its spin-off show, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II. Chung then made a successful transition into acting, starring in movies such as Dragonball Evolution, Grown Ups, Premium Rush, Sorority Row, The Hangover Part II, Sucker Punch, and Big Hero 6. She received critical acclaim for her lead performance in the independent drama film Eden and played the lead role in the miniseries Samurai Girl. Chung has also had notable TV appearances, including being a series regular on The Gifted and voicing a character in Once Upon a Time.

On May 27, 2024, Jamie Chung had 3,309 Wikipedia visits, making her the #1,889 most popular actor online.