Shows like This Is Us
Looking for shows that are like This Is Us? Take a look at these great shows sorted by online popularity today.
  • Gilmore Girls image

    1. Gilmore Girls

    #47 most popular show yesterday

    Gilmore Girls is a heartwarming series about the special bond between a single mother and her daughter. Its witty dialogue and small-town charm mixed with relational drama offer a cozy yet poignant experience akin to This Is Us.

  • Friday Night Lights image

    2. Friday Night Lights

    #549 most popular show yesterday

    Set in a small Texas town, this series goes beyond football to explore various aspects of American culture and family life. Its heartfelt performances and exploration of relationships will attract This Is Us viewers.

  • A Million Little Things image

    3. A Million Little Things

    #888 most popular show yesterday

    After the unexpected death of a friend, a group of Bostonians think about what they truly want out of life. The show's touching portrayal of friendship and its impact on personal growth can appeal to the same audience that loves This Is Us.

  • The Fosters image

    4. The Fosters

    #998 most popular show yesterday

    This Is Us fans looking for another emotionally-charged series will find a lot to love in The Fosters. It's a compelling drama about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster, adopted, and biological kids being raised by two moms.

  • Everwood image

    5. Everwood

    #1,071 most popular show yesterday

    Everwood tells the story of a widowed brain surgeon who moves his family to a picturesque Colorado town to rebuild their lives. The poignant family relationships and small-town dynamics make it appealing for fans of heartfelt narratives like This Is Us.