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  • Power Poster
    as James 'Ghost' St. Patrick 63 episodes • #410 most popular show
    Power is an American crime drama series that delves deep into the complexities of leading a dual existence, juxtaposing the glamorous New York club scene against the grim realities of the illicit drug trade. The narrative revolves around James St. Patrick, nicknamed 'Ghost,' as he grapples with the challenges of managing a nightclub while also being a key player in the city's drug network.
  • The View Poster
    The View
    as Self 1 episode • #456 most popular show
    The View is an American daytime talk show airing on ABC that features a diverse panel of female co-hosts. These co-hosts engage in discussions on current sociopolitical issues, entertainment, and hot topics of the day, in addition to conducting interviews with celebrities and public figures. The show is known for its multi-generational lineup and varying perspectives.
  • PIECES OF HER Poster
    as Gordon Oliver 6 episodes • #574 most popular show
    Pieces of Her is a gripping television series based on the novel of the same name by Karin Slaughter. The show follows the story of Andrea Oliver, whose tranquil life is shattered when a deadly incident reveals a shocking secret about her mother, Laura. As Andrea embarks on a journey to uncover the truth, she becomes entangled in a dangerous web of deceit, lies, and hidden identities. With its suspenseful plot and intense character development, Pieces of Her will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
  • CSI: Miami Poster
    CSI: Miami
    1 episode • #756 most popular show
    CSI: Miami is a popular American television series that follows a team of forensic investigators in Miami, Florida. Led by Lieutenant Horatio Caine, the team uses cutting-edge forensic techniques to solve crimes and bring criminals to justice. Each episode features a self-contained crime story, often inspired by real-life cases, and explores various aspects of forensics and police work. Known for its distinctive visual style and intense storytelling, CSI: Miami has captivated audiences around the world and has become one of the most successful spin-offs of the original CSI series.
  • The Kelly Clarkson Show Poster
    The Kelly Clarkson Show
    1 episode • #837 most popular show
    The Kelly Clarkson Show is a daytime talk show hosted by American singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson. The show features discussions on various topics including celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, and live musical performances. Clarkson engages with her guests in a candid and relatable manner, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The show's format also incorporates fun games and segments that entertain and engage the audience. With its mix of entertainment, personal stories, and heartfelt moments, The Kelly Clarkson Show offers an uplifting and entertaining viewing experience.
  • LIVE with Kelly and Mark Poster
    LIVE with Kelly and Mark
    as Self - Guest 3 episodes • #930 most popular show
    LIVE with Kelly and Mark is a vibrant and dynamic morning talk show that promises an engaging mix of entertainment and informative content. With a star-studded lineup of A-list celebrity guests, the show offers viewers a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite stars. Featuring top-notch performances and unique segments, LIVE with Kelly and Mark sets the bar high for daytime television. The hosts, Kelly and Mark, bring their charm, wit, and infectious energy to the table, creating a fun and unpredictable atmosphere filled with spontaneous and hilarious conversation.
Movies - Omari Hardwick
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  • Kick-Ass Poster
    as Marcus • #942 most popular movie
    Kick-Ass is a 2010 black comedy superhero film based on the Marvel Comics' comic book of the same name. It follows the story of Dave Lizewski, an ordinary teenager who decides to become a real-life superhero, despite having no powers or training.
  • The A-Team Poster
    The A-Team
    as Chop Shop J • #1,573 most popular movie
    The A-Team is a 2010 American action comedy film based on the 1980s television series of the same name. It follows a group of Iraq War veterans who become fugitives as they seek to exonerate themselves after being falsely accused of a crime. The film features a team of distinctive characters helping those in need while evading capture by the authorities.
  • The Mother Poster
    The Mother
    as Cruise • #1,600 most popular movie
    The Mother is a thought-provoking drama film that explores the complex relationship between a mother and her children. Directed by [Director], the film delves into themes of sacrifice, love, and the hardships of parenthood. With compelling performances by the talented cast, The Mother takes viewers on an emotional journey that challenges societal norms and traditional family dynamics.
  • For Colored Girls Poster
    For Colored Girls
    as Carl • #1,958 most popular movie
    For Colored Girls is a 2010 American drama film that delves into the lives of twenty nameless black females, each representing a character from a collection of twenty poems. The film explores various issues affecting women in general and women of color in particular.
  • Sorry to Bother You Poster
    Sorry to Bother You
    as Mr. _______ • #2,681 most popular movie
    Sorry to Bother You is a 2018 science fiction dark comedy film that explores themes of race, identity, and corporate exploitation. It follows the story of a black telemarketer who uncovers a bizarre secret to career advancement in a surreal version of Oakland.
  • Miracle at St. Anna Poster
    Miracle at St. Anna
    as Platoon Commander Huggs • #2,778 most popular movie
    Miracle at St. Anna is a 2008 American–Italian war film directed by Spike Lee, based on James McBride's novel of the same name. The story centers around four Buffalo Soldiers seeking refuge in a Tuscan village during World War II, forming a bond with the residents.
  • Beauty Shop Poster
    Beauty Shop
    as Byron • #3,206 most popular movie
    Beauty Shop is a 2005 American comedy film directed by Bille Woodruff, serving as a spin-off of the Barbershop franchise. Starring Queen Latifah as Gina, the story follows her journey of establishing a salon in Atlanta after leaving her tumultuous workplace. With a talented ensemble cast including Alicia Silverstone, Andie MacDowell, Mena Suvari, Kevin Bacon, and Djimon Hounsou, the film presents a comedic yet empowering narrative set in the world of hairstyling and beauty.
  • The Guardian Poster
    The Guardian
    as Carl Billings • #3,521 most popular movie
    The Guardian is a 2006 American action-adventure drama film directed by Andrew Davis, starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. The plot follows a high school swim champion with a troubled past who enrolls in the U.S. Coast Guard's 'A' School, where he is mentored by legendary rescue swimmer, Ben Randall.
  • Gridiron Gang Poster
    Gridiron Gang
    as Free • #3,965 most popular movie
    Gridiron Gang is a 2006 American biographical sports drama film about teenagers at a juvenile detention center who gain self-esteem by playing football together under the leadership of their counselor.
  • American Skin Poster
    American Skin
    as Omar 'Derwood' Scott • #4,955 most popular movie
    American Skin is a gripping crime drama film that follows the story of Lincoln Jefferson, a Marine veteran and school janitor, as he seeks justice for his son who was killed by a police officer. Fueled by his desire to mend his shattered relationship with his son, Lincoln takes matters into his own hands. With powerful performances from the cast, the film explores themes of justice, race, and the complexities of the American criminal justice system.
  • Sparkle Poster
    as Levi • #4,990 most popular movie
    Sparkle is a 2012 American musical film that revolves around Sparkle, a musical prodigy from an affluent Detroit area who, along with her two sisters, forms a girl group during the Motown-era. While balancing a new romance with music manager Stix, she faces unexpected challenges that test her family's unity and her own aspirations.
  • Next Day Air Poster
    Next Day Air
    as Shavoo • #7,441 most popular movie
    Next Day Air is a 2009 American dark comedy film about two criminals who mistakenly receive a package of cocaine, setting off a chain of life-altering events for ten individuals.
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Omari Latif Hardwick is an American actor known for his roles in various movies and TV shows. He gained fame for his starring role as James 'Ghost' St. Patrick in the Starz series Power. Hardwick also portrayed Vanderohe in Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead (2021). His other notable roles include appearances in Saved, Dark Blue, Miracle at St. Anna, Kick-Ass, Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls, and BET Network's Being Mary Jane. Born on January 9, 1974, in Savannah, Georgia, Hardwick grew up in Decatur and attended Marist School. While excelling in sports, including football, he also nurtured his passion for acting and poetry. Eventually, he pursued acting and achieved success in his career.

On July 18, 2024, Omari Hardwick had 1,274 Wikipedia visits, making him the #4,202 most popular actor online.