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    The Simpsons
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    The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening. It follows the Simpson family, a working-class family in the town of Springfield. The show is known for its satirical portrayal of American culture, society, and family life. With its iconic characters and long-running success, The Simpsons has become one of the most influential and beloved television shows of all time.
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    Everybody Loves Raymond
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    Everybody Loves Raymond is an American sitcom that ran from 1996 to 2005. The show focuses on the lives of Ray Barone, a successful sportswriter, his wife Debra, and their three children. Set on Long Island, New York, the series offers a humorous take on the dynamics of a close-knit family, with Raymond's interfering parents and his overbearing brother adding to the comedic situations. Everybody Loves Raymond is known for its witty writing, relatable characters, and its ability to capture the everyday struggles of family life.
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Roy Firestone Biography
Roy Firestone (born December 8, 1953) is an American sports commentator and journalist. He started his career as a sports anchor and reporter in Miami before moving to Los Angeles as a sports anchor for KNXT/KCBS-TV. Firestone has hosted various shows including HDNet's Face to Face with Roy Firestone and AOL's Time Out with Roy Firestone. He has appeared on popular television programs such as the Late Show with David Letterman, Larry King Live, Super Dave Osborne, and Nightline. In addition to his television work, Firestone has performed for corporate clients like Anheuser Busch, Chevron, Nike, Whirlpool, and Toyota. He currently appears as a guest on Good Day L.A., covering local and national sports. Firestone also provided the voice for the character Egghead in the 1988 Warner Bros. film Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, and had a role in the movie Jerry Maguire in 1996.

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