Movies like An American Affair (2008)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like An American Affair, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Good Shepherd

    #1,347 most popular movie yesterday

    The Good Shepherd portrays the complexities of the early years of the CIA, focusing on a character whose personal life becomes entangled with his secretive work, much like the blend of personal conflict and political intrigue in An American Affair.

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    2. Quiz Show

    #2,713 most popular movie yesterday

    This 1994 film directed by Robert Redford delves into the scandals of the 1950s television quiz show craze. Its examination of American ethics, deception, and the quest for fame connects with An American Affair’s exploration of personal versus public life.

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    3. Thirteen Days

    #2,748 most popular movie yesterday

    Thirteen Days recounts the tension of the Cuban Missile Crisis from within the White House, aligning with An American Affair’s backdrop of political drama and historic American events.

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    4. The Ice Storm

    #2,989 most popular movie yesterday

    The Ice Storm takes viewers into the moral turpitude of 1970s suburban America, offering a critique of family dynamics and societal expectations, mirroring the era-specific and interpersonal intrigue found in An American Affair.

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    5. Shampoo

    #3,289 most popular movie yesterday

    Set against the backdrop of the 1968 US presidential election, Shampoo is a comedic but poignant critique of society's mores featuring a womanizing hairdresser. It shares thematic elements with An American Affair, touching upon politics, personal relationships, and social satire.

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    6. A Walk on the Moon

    #3,313 most popular movie yesterday

    A Walk on the Moon examines the impact of the 1960s counterculture on an American family, sharing the period setting with An American Affair and focusing on the themes of personal discovery and societal change.

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    7. Dick

    #3,481 most popular movie yesterday

    Dick is a comedy that re-imagines the Watergate scandal through the perspective of two teenage girls. Its lighthearted take on historical political events provides a playful counterpoint to the more serious tone of An American Affair.