Movies like Barbie (2023)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Barbie, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Little Mermaid

    #441 most popular movie yesterday

    Disney's classic The Little Mermaid, with its undersea adventure and captivating music, shares the allure of transformational journeys similar to those often experienced by Barbie. The story of Ariel's curiosity and determination will resonate with viewers who enjoy Barbie's various explorations and transformations.

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    2. The Princess Diaries

    #878 most popular movie yesterday

    Like Barbie, who often steps into the role of a princess in her movies, The Princess Diaries explores the life-changing moment when an ordinary girl discovers she's royalty. The journey from self-doubt to confidence and the importance of grace and responsibility resonate with themes found in Barbie's universe.

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    3. Trolls

    #979 most popular movie yesterday

    The colorful and musical world of Trolls captivates audiences much like Barbie with its vibrant visuals and themes of joy, friendship, and adventure. Fans of Barbie's optimistic narratives will likely be enchanted by the similarly positive and singing-centric journey of the Trolls.

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    4. Enchanted

    #1,384 most popular movie yesterday

    Enchanted is a clever mix of animation and live-action that tells the story of a fairytale princess thrust into our world, reflecting the magical and transformative experiences that are often explored in the Barbie movies. Its whimsical and romantic nature offers a delightful experience for fans of Barbie's many fantastical tales.

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    5. A Cinderella Story

    #1,833 most popular movie yesterday

    A modern twist on a classic tale, A Cinderella Story follows a teen's journey as she navigates high school, a stepfamily, and a digital romance. The parallels with Barbie movies lie in its themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams.

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    6. Ella Enchanted

    #2,374 most popular movie yesterday

    Ella Enchanted tells the story of a young woman on a quest to lift a curse that forces her to obey any command. Its fairy-tale charm and strong-willed heroine parallel the escapades of Barbie, providing viewers with another dose of empowerment and adventure.

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    7. Aquamarine

    #2,432 most popular movie yesterday

    Aquamarine mixes the magic of mermaids and the trials of teen friendships into a story that echoes the fantastical elements and the interpersonal bonds prevalent in many Barbie movies. Fans will enjoy the blend of supernatural whimsy and relatable themes.