Movies like Clean Slate (1994)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Clean Slate, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Truman Show

    #217 most popular movie yesterday

    While not involving amnesia, The Truman Show features Jim Carrey as a man oblivious to the fact that his entire life is a TV show. The themes of truth, reality, and discovery are similar to the journey in Clean Slate.

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    2. Memento

    #236 most popular movie yesterday

    Memento is a more serious and complex take on the theme of amnesia, as the protagonist uses notes and tattoos to hunt for his wife's killer. Though darker than Clean Slate, its innovative storytelling and memory manipulation connect the two films.

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    3. 50 First Dates

    #782 most popular movie yesterday

    In this romantic comedy, Adam Sandler's character must win the heart of Drew Barrymore's character every day as she suffers from short-term memory loss, reminiscent of the memory issues in Clean Slate. With its blend of humor and heart, 50 First Dates is a perfect match for fans of the amnesia-based storyline.

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    4. Groundhog Day

    #833 most popular movie yesterday

    Groundhog Day features Bill Murray as a weatherman who finds himself reliving the same day over and over again. Its blend of humor with an unusual memory phenomenon makes it a comical and philosophical companion to Clean Slate.

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    5. The Long Kiss Goodnight

    #2,488 most popular movie yesterday

    In this action-thriller, Geena Davis plays an amnesiac who gradually realizes she was once a lethal assassin. This film offers a more action-packed take on amnesia, but shares the theme of rediscovering one's identity, much like Clean Slate.

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    6. The Majestic

    #3,497 most popular movie yesterday

    Another film starring Jim Carrey, The Majestic, centers on a blacklisted writer who loses his memory and is mistaken for a long-lost war hero. The exploration of a new identity and the importance of memory makes it akin to the themes in Clean Slate.

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    7. Regarding Henry

    #4,434 most popular movie yesterday

    Harrison Ford delivers a powerful performance in Regarding Henry, a drama about a man rebuilding his life after amnesia caused by a gunshot wound. Its exploration of identity and memory loss makes it a poignant parallel to Clean Slate.