Movies like Deceptions (1990)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Deceptions, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Fatal Attraction

    #990 most popular movie yesterday

    Fatal Attraction is a thrilling exploration of marital betrayal and obsessive love. Michael Douglas stars as a man whose one-weekend affair turns nightmarish when his lover, played by Glenn Close, becomes dangerously obsessed with him, resonating with audiences who enjoy the tense, erotic stakes of Deceptions.

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    2. Unfaithful

    #1,168 most popular movie yesterday

    Like Deceptions, Unfaithful delves into the chaos of extramarital affairs, portraying the intense emotional and psychological effects of infidelity. Diane Lane gives a riveting performance as a housewife who embarks on a dangerous affair, making it a must-watch for fans of steamy relationship dramas.

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    3. Indecent Proposal

    #1,360 most popular movie yesterday

    Indecent Proposal's controversial premise of a wealthy man offering a couple one million dollars for a night with the wife echoes Deceptions' themes of moral boundaries and the complexities of infidelity, making it a provocative film choice for similar thematic exploration.

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    4. The Good Girl

    #2,039 most popular movie yesterday

    The Good Girl features Jennifer Aniston as a retail worker stuck in a loveless marriage who starts an affair with a younger co-worker. This movie tackles the mundanity and discontent that can lead to infidelity, which viewers who appreciate the character depth and emotional dilemmas in Deceptions might find intriguing.

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    5. Body Heat

    #2,189 most popular movie yesterday

    Body Heat, a classic in the erotic thriller genre, features a tale of lust, deceit, and murder. Set in Florida during a heatwave, the film follows a lawyer who becomes entangled with a woman who convinces him to kill her husband. It is rich with the atmosphere and tension that fans of Deceptions would likely enjoy.

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    6. Disclosure

    #3,120 most popular movie yesterday

    Disclosure tells the story of a corporate man who faces sexual harassment from an ex-lover turned boss. It confronts the themes of power plays and seduction in the workplace, echoing the tangled relationships and manipulative dynamics seen in Deceptions.