Movies like Gossip (2000)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Gossip, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. She's All That

    #452 most popular movie yesterday

    She's All That explores high school social hierarchies and transformation, offering a lighter take on the teen experience while maintaining the exploration of reputations, much like Gossip. It's a classic late '90s teen flick that will appeal to those who enjoy high school dramas.

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    2. Cruel Intentions

    #881 most popular movie yesterday

    Cruel Intentions spins a web of deceit and manipulation among wealthy New York teens, much like Gossip does. Fans of seductive and twisted dramas will appreciate the dark undertones and intense character dynamics.

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    3. Wild Things

    #1,309 most popular movie yesterday

    Filled with scandalous twists and erotic thrills, Wild Things navigates a devious plot of murder and deceit involving Florida high schoolers. Admirers of Gossip's absorbing mystery and elaborate schemes will be drawn to this gritty tale.

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    4. Disturbing Behavior

    #4,059 most popular movie yesterday

    This film delves into the eerie happenings within a high school community, mirroring Gossip's tension and themes of peer pressure. Disturbing Behavior's combination of mystery and teen drama will lure those who enjoy the darker side of high school narratives.

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    5. Swimfan

    #4,070 most popular movie yesterday

    Swimfan offers a gripping tale of obsession and betrayal in a high school setting, akin to the youthful intensity and suspenseful plot found in Gossip. The movie is a thrilling watch for anyone interested in stories about the dangerous consequences of secrets and lies.

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    6. Fear

    #4,408 most popular movie yesterday

    Fear deals with the intense and sometimes dangerous dimensions of teen relationships, similar to Gossip. The movie captivates with its psychological depth and suspenseful storytelling.

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    7. The Skulls

    #4,586 most popular movie yesterday

    For those who delight in the exploration of secret societies and the power struggles within, The Skulls presents a gripping take on elite college students entangled in a mysterious brotherhood, reminiscent of the high-stakes drama in Gossip.

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    8. The Perfect Score

    #5,056 most popular movie yesterday

    Though lighter in tone, The Perfect Score brings together a group of students conspiring to steal SAT answers, touching on themes of peer pressure and moral choices akin to Gossip. It's an engaging watch for fans of plots centered around high school intrigue.