Movies like Held Up (1999)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Held Up, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Rush Hour

    #896 most popular movie yesterday

    Rush Hour combines action and humor with the dynamic duo of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Just like with Held Up, the culture-clash and non-stop comedic dialogue make for an amusing and action-packed story.

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    2. Tower Heist

    #2,907 most popular movie yesterday

    Tower Heist is a caper comedy about a group of workers seeking revenge on a wealthy business owner who scammed them. The heist theme and comedic elements make it a perfect follow-up for audiences who enjoyed Held Up.

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    3. Blue Streak

    #3,416 most popular movie yesterday

    Blue Streak showcases a similar blend of comedy and crime as Held Up, following a thief who disguises himself as a cop to retrieve a diamond he stole years prior. Fans of Held Up will appreciate the misadventures and comedic shenanigans that unfold.

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    4. Nothing to Lose

    #3,545 most popular movie yesterday

    In Nothing to Lose, a man discovers his wife's infidelity and encounters a carjacker, leading to an unlikely partnership. Like Held Up, it deals with crime and comedy, delivering an entertaining ride for those who love a mix of laughter and suspense.

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    5. Money Talks

    #4,056 most popular movie yesterday

    Money Talks is another action-comedy that combines high-stakes situations with humor, starring Chris Tucker who ends up on the run with a French criminal. If Held Up had you in stitches, you'll enjoy the banter and comedic chemistry in this film.

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    6. National Security

    #4,203 most popular movie yesterday

    National Security is another comedy that showcases two individuals from different backgrounds forming an unconventional team. Fans of Held Up's comedy and hostage situation will resonate with the humor and unlikely camaraderie depicted here.

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    7. Mad Money

    #4,311 most popular movie yesterday

    Mad Money, starring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes, follows three women planning a heist at the Federal Reserve. The blend of lightheartedness and crime, similar to Held Up, will appeal to audiences looking for comedy with a touch of thrill.

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    8. First Sunday

    #5,047 most popular movie yesterday

    First Sunday revolves around two friends who attempt to rob a church to pay off a debt, leading to a series of comic misfortunes. This movie fits right in with the humorous hostage situations seen in Held Up.