Movies like Jimmy the Kid (1982)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Jimmy the Kid, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Fargo

    #439 most popular movie yesterday

    Although darker in tone, Fargo also rides the line between crime drama and black comedy, featuring a kidnapping plot full of unexpected complications. Fans of Jimmy the Kid who are willing to dip their toes into something a bit more serious, but still with a twisted sense of humor, will likely appreciate Fargo's smart writing and memorable characters.

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    2. Raising Arizona

    #1,905 most popular movie yesterday

    Raising Arizona is a wild ride through a kidnapping plot filled with slapstick humor and quirky characters, akin to Jimmy the Kid. This 1987 cult classic's off-the-wall approach to a criminal comedy will resonate with fans looking for an equal mix of heart and humor.

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    3. A Fish Called Wanda

    #2,744 most popular movie yesterday

    Featuring a bumbling group of criminals, A Fish Called Wanda captures a similar ensemble comedy vibe to that of Jimmy the Kid. The humorous interaction between the characters and the unexpected twists will definitely appeal to those who appreciate the comedic tone of kidnapping plots turned sideways.

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    4. Bottle Rocket

    #2,908 most popular movie yesterday

    Bottle Rocket, an indie film about a group of friends embarking on a small-time criminal journey, shares the feel-good criminal element found in Jimmy the Kid. This debut feature from Wes Anderson presents a quirky and affectionate look at the misfits of the crime world, which fans of Jimmy the Kid might find endearing.

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    5. Ruthless People

    #3,470 most popular movie yesterday

    In Ruthless People, a comedy of errors centers around a kidnapping gone comically wrong, much like in Jimmy the Kid. Fans of the light-hearted caper elements of Jimmy the Kid will likely find the same enjoyment in the hijinks and misunderstandings that arise in this 1986 film.

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    6. Life Stinks

    #6,103 most popular movie yesterday

    In Life Stinks, a rich businessman learns life lessons by living on the streets, not unlike the character building themes in Jimmy the Kid. Both films offer a mix of comedy and a touch of sentimentality, appealing to those who enjoy their farce with a side of heart.

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    7. The Hot Rock

    #6,866 most popular movie yesterday

    The Hot Rock shares the theme of an intricately planned heist akin to the criminal schemes in Jimmy the Kid. With its 1970s charm and humorous take on a group of not-so-slick criminals, this movie captures a similar spirit of comedic crime and misadventures.