Movies like Last Rites (1988)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Last Rites, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Exorcist III

    #236 most popular movie yesterday

    Fans of the sinister and the sacramental will appreciate The Exorcist III. Like Last Rites, this film combines horror elements with a religious setting, creating a tense narrative that delves into the nature of good, evil, and faith.

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    2. Spotlight

    #800 most popular movie yesterday

    Spotlight delves into the dark corners of the Catholic Church, uncovering abuse and scandal. Although it takes a more investigative approach compared to Last Rites, its focus on uncovering hard truths within the Church will resonate with viewers looking for real-world parallels to fictional intrigue.

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    3. Primal Fear

    #1,023 most popular movie yesterday

    Primal Fear, like Last Rites, weaves a compelling narrative that straddles the line between the legal world and the spiritual, with a murder case at its center. Its exploration of truth and deceit will captivate viewers who enjoy a mixture of courtroom drama and moral questions.

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    4. Sleepers

    #1,378 most popular movie yesterday

    Though not strictly similar in plot to Last Rites, Sleepers shares its dark tone and involves the Catholic Church in a story about retribution and hidden truths. Fans of Last Rites will appreciate the intense moral quandaries and the questions about justice and righteousness posed by the film.

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    5. Doubt

    #2,069 most popular movie yesterday

    Doubt showcases the tension between certainty and suspicion within a religious institution, themes also present in Last Rites. With stellar performances and a story that keeps viewers guessing, it's a must-see for those who savor stories of faith and moral questioning.

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    6. The Rosary Murders

    #6,237 most popular movie yesterday

    Set against a backdrop of religious intrigue, The Rosary Murders presents a gripping tale of faith tested by criminal elements. Fans of Last Rites will find themselves at home with the dark ambiance and moral complexities threaded throughout this intense thriller.