Movies like Léon: The Professional (1994)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Léon: The Professional, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. No Country for Old Men

    #141 most popular movie yesterday

    While 'No Country for Old Men' is less about the assassin's bond with an innocent and more about the relentless pursuit of a killer, its visceral tension and moral ambiguity evoke the same dark tone found in Léon: The Professional. The Coen brothers present an intense cat-and-mouse chase that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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    2. John Wick

    #148 most popular movie yesterday

    If you were riveted by the stylish action and solitary existence of Léon, 'John Wick' offers a similar revenge-soaked saga. The film features Keanu Reeves as a retired hitman who embarks on a violent spree against those who wronged him, delivering meticulously choreographed fight scenes.

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    3. Hitman

    #607 most popular movie yesterday

    Based on the popular video game series, 'Hitman' captures the essence of a cold, calculating assassin who eventually unravels his own complex origins. Viewers who appreciated the nuanced portrayal of a professional killer in Léon will find intriguing parallels in the life and decisions of Agent 47.

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    4. The Bourne Identity

    #866 most popular movie yesterday

    'The Bourne Identity' spins the yarn of an amnesiac spy trying to piece together his past while being pursued by assassins. Fans of Léon: The Professional will appreciate the intricate plot, intense action sequences, and the theme of a skilled protagonist grappling with personal demons.

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    5. Collateral

    #1,074 most popular movie yesterday

    In 'Collateral,' a cab driver becomes an unwilling accomplice to a hitman carrying out a series of contract kills over one night. This movie shares the theme of reluctant participation in the world of hired killers, and the high-stakes intensity that fans of Leon would appreciate.

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    6. Man on Fire

    #1,116 most popular movie yesterday

    With its story of a burnt-out operative becoming the protector of a young girl, 'Man on Fire' explores similar dynamics to Léon: The Professional. The film delves deep into themes of redemption and vengeance within the gritty underworld, and audiences will resonate with the heartfelt relationship that develops amid chaos.