Movies like Picking Up the Pieces (2000)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Picking Up the Pieces, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Dogma

    #318 most popular movie yesterday

    Dogma tackles religious themes with an irreverent and satirical approach akin to Picking Up the Pieces. Directed by Kevin Smith, it's a fantasy comedy that questions faith through the lens of humor, challenging viewers while making them laugh.

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    2. Being John Malkovich

    #1,129 most popular movie yesterday

    This offbeat fantasy comedy directed by Spike Jonze provides an unconventional and mind-bending experience. Fans of Picking Up the Pieces might enjoy Being John Malkovich for its unique storyline and eccentric comedic elements.

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    3. Desperado

    #1,698 most popular movie yesterday

    With a similar blend of action, dark humor, and a Latin-inspired setting, Desperado, directed by Robert Rodriguez, is a tale of revenge featuring Antonio Banderas. It carries a similar flavor of irreverence and stylized storytelling that fans of Picking Up the Pieces will likely enjoy.

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    4. The Whole Nine Yards

    #1,918 most popular movie yesterday

    Blending crime with comedy, The Whole Nine Yards, starring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry, navigates the world of hitmen and suburban life. Its darkly comic sensibilities align with the humor found in Picking Up the Pieces, potentially appealing to the same audience.

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    5. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

    #2,371 most popular movie yesterday

    Completing Robert Rodriguez's 'Mexico Trilogy', Once Upon a Time in Mexico features Antonio Banderas in a layered tale of intrigue and action. Its stylistic delivery and darkly comedic edge make it a candidate for those who favor the tonal mishmash of Picking Up the Pieces.

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    6. The Mexican

    #2,674 most popular movie yesterday

    Starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, The Mexican weaves together a blend of crime, comedy, and a touch of romance, much like Picking Up the Pieces. The plot revolves around a cursed antique gun and the misadventures that follow, offering a quirky and offbeat story that should appeal to viewers who appreciated the dark humor and unconventional narrative of Picking Up the Pieces.

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    7. El Mariachi

    #2,955 most popular movie yesterday

    As the predecessor to Desperado, El Mariachi introduces viewers to the same blend of action and dark comedy in a low-budget setting, which might capture the appreciation of those who enjoyed the comedic twists and cultural backdrop of Picking Up the Pieces.

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    8. Frida

    #8,246 most popular movie yesterday

    Frida, starring Salma Hayek, delves deep into the life and art of Frida Kahlo, capturing the vibrancy and complexity of Mexican culture. While more of a biopic than a dark comedy, it shares the rich tapestry of Mexican heritage and the backdrop seen in Picking Up the Pieces.