Movies like Pray for Death (1985)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Pray for Death, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Above the Law

    #2,773 most popular movie yesterday

    This film marks the screen debut of Steven Seagal, who plays Nico Toscani, a former CIA operative turned cop. The movie blends martial arts with a gritty crime story, offering the same kind of high-intensity action that 'Pray for Death' delivers.

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    2. Showdown in Little Tokyo

    #4,088 most popular movie yesterday

    Starring Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee, this buddy cop movie has its roots in martial arts and features the leads taking on the Yakuza in Los Angeles. Fans of 'Pray for Death' will find the East meets West theme and explosive action scenes appealing.

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    3. American Ninja

    #4,682 most popular movie yesterday

    Directed by Sam Firstenberg, this martial arts action film features Michael Dudikoff as an American soldier with ninja training battling against a corrupt military organization. Fans of 'Pray for Death' will appreciate the fast-paced action and fight sequences that are hallmarks of the ninja subgenre.

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    4. Enter the Ninja

    #5,464 most popular movie yesterday

    Featuring Franco Nero as a Westerner trained in ninjutsu, 'Enter the Ninja' is the first in the unofficial ninja trilogy that includes 'Revenge of the Ninja' and 'Ninja III: The Domination.' It's a must-watch for fans seeking the origins of Western ninja films that are akin to 'Pray for Death.'

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    5. The Octagon

    #5,876 most popular movie yesterday

    Chuck Norris stars in this action thriller about a martial artist who must confront a terrorist training camp known as The Octagon. As with 'Pray for Death,' this movie showcases the classic era of martial arts films with a focus on ninjitsu and a strong central performance.

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    6. Revenge of the Ninja

    #6,149 most popular movie yesterday

    Another creation by Sam Firstenberg, this film features Shô Kosugi – the same lead actor from 'Pray for Death.' It’s an essential pick for fans of ninja cinema, with Kosugi playing a martial artist who must defend his family against a drug cartel.

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    7. The Perfect Weapon

    #6,202 most popular movie yesterday

    Starring Jeff Speakman, this film crafts a tale around the martial art Kenpo. It offers a similar blend of personal drama and action, with the lead character avenging his mentor's death, echoing the themes of personal revenge found in 'Pray for Death.'