Movies like Quid Pro Quo (2008)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Quid Pro Quo, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Shutter Island

    #131 most popular movie yesterday

    Shutter Island provides a psychological maze full of twists and turns, where the pursuit of truth leads to unexpected revelations, akin to the cerebral journey undertaken in Quid Pro Quo.

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    2. Fight Club

    #204 most popular movie yesterday

    The exploration of identity, reality, and the human psyche in Fight Club echoes the themes of self-discovery and psychological depth found in Quid Pro Quo, offering a similarly thought-provoking cinematic experience.

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    3. Donnie Darko

    #387 most popular movie yesterday

    Donnie Darko's blend of psychological drama with elements of supernatural intrigue presents a compelling and mind-bending narrative that fans of the psychological complexities in Quid Pro Quo will enjoy.

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    4. Memento

    #485 most popular movie yesterday

    Memento's unique storytelling structure and its exploration of memory and identity will intrigue viewers who were captivated by the mysterious and psychological elements present in Quid Pro Quo.

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    5. Black Swan

    #546 most popular movie yesterday

    Black Swan's intense journey into a character's obsession with perfection and the psychological unraveling that ensues parallels the dark and cerebral tone that fans of Quid Pro Quo will appreciate.

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    6. The Skin I Live In

    #1,131 most popular movie yesterday

    This is a Spanish film by Pedro Almodóvar that delves into obsession and identity, much like Quid Pro Quo. Though it is not American, its themes of transformation and the extreme measures taken for personal satisfaction will resonate with fans of the psychological drama in Quid Pro Quo.

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    7. Secretary

    #1,892 most popular movie yesterday

    Secretary's darkly comedic exploration of an unusual relationship that teeters between personal desire and societal norms will appeal to those who appreciate Quid Pro Quo's exploration of unconventional human interactions and the psychological undercurrents that drive them.

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    8. Side Effects

    #2,989 most popular movie yesterday

    Side Effects is a psychological thriller that explores the world of pharmaceuticals and the impact they have on patients' lives, reminiscent of Quid Pro Quo's exploration of the human psyche and the extents to which people go to alter their conditions.