Movies like Se7en (1995)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Se7en, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Silence of the Lambs

    #87 most popular movie yesterday

    This gripping psychological horror follows an FBI agent's quest to apprehend a serial killer with the help of the cannibalistic murderer, Hannibal Lecter. Its intense performances and a hauntingly suspenseful plot will resonate with fans of the unnerving detective pursuit in Se7en.

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    2. American Psycho

    #122 most popular movie yesterday

    American Psycho offers a stark look into the mind of a wealthy New York City investment banker who hides his alternate psychopathic ego. Its blend of horror, satire, and psychological complexity will attract fans who relish the grim themes present in Se7en.

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    3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    #141 most popular movie yesterday

    This mystery thriller, also directed by David Fincher, captures the audience with its complex plot of a journalist and hacker investigating a 40-year-old murder case. Fans of Se7en's intricate storytelling and chilling mood will appreciate this adaptation's similar tone.

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    4. Gone Girl

    #221 most popular movie yesterday

    Another thriller from David Fincher, Gone Girl engages viewers with its story of a man's life that becomes subject to media frenzy and police scrutiny when his wife goes missing. Its intricate plot and psychological depths are in line with the narrative strength of Se7en.

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    5. Fight Club

    #251 most popular movie yesterday

    Although thematically and stylistically divergent from Se7en, Fight Club's exploration of psyche and chaos under Fincher's direction offers a uniquely compelling experience that can be appreciated for its dark tones and plot twists.

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    6. Prisoners

    #315 most popular movie yesterday

    With a complex narrative revolving around the abduction of two young girls, Prisoners offers a gritty, suspense-packed investigation that mirrors the dark, twist-filled journey in Se7en, pushing its characters to moral limits.

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    7. Zodiac

    #606 most popular movie yesterday

    Directed by David Fincher, the same director behind Se7en, Zodiac delves into the obsessive hunt for the notorious Zodiac killer in San Francisco. Fans of the methodical detective work and dark atmospheres in Se7en will find similar satisfaction in this true-crime thriller.