Movies like The Beast Must Die (1974)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Beast Must Die, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Running Man

    #174 most popular movie yesterday

    The Running Man's futuristic gladiatorial game show setting provides a sharp satire on society's cravings for violence and spectacle. With convicts being hunted for entertainment, The Running Man is a match for viewers who relished the high stakes and moral dimensions of The Beast Must Die.

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    2. The Hunger Games

    #595 most popular movie yesterday

    Though set in a dystopian future, The Hunger Games shares the theme of humans hunting humans, with its story focusing on televised death matches. Its compelling narrative and social critique will resonate with fans of The Beast Must Die's suspenseful human prey drama.

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    3. Predators

    #700 most popular movie yesterday

    In Predators, a group of elite warriors finds themselves on an alien planet, hunted by a new breed of the titular creatures. If The Beast Must Die's premise of a hunt where humans are prey fascinated you, then Predators' deadly game of survival will surely capture your imagination.

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    4. Hard Target

    #3,282 most popular movie yesterday

    This adrenaline-pumping action film directed by John Woo involves a woman hiring a drifter to find her missing father, only to uncover a deadly game where the homeless are hunted for sport. Fans of The Beast Must Die will appreciate Hard Target for its high-octane action and the man-versus-hunter theme.

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    5. Surviving the Game

    #5,261 most popular movie yesterday

    Surviving the Game is a modern take on the concept of hunting humans for sport. Featuring a homeless man tricked into becoming prey for a group of wealthy hunters, its intense action and moral quandaries echo those in The Beast Must Die, offering a similar blend of suspense and social commentary.

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    6. Death Hunt

    #5,878 most popular movie yesterday

    Set in the Canadian Yukon in 1931, Death Hunt revolves around a trapper who becomes the target of a major manhunt by the Canadian Mounties. The tension and relentless pursuit found in The Beast Must Die have echoes in this gripping tale of survival and pursuit.