Movies like The Domino Principle (1977)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Domino Principle, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. The Conversation

    #1,409 most popular movie yesterday

    The Conversation presents a different angle of the conspiracy genre, focusing on a wire-tapping expert whose recordings reveal a potential murder plot. Similar to The Domino Principle, it showcases the psychological toll of surveillance and the lack of privacy in a politically charged era.

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    2. The Day of the Jackal

    #1,936 most popular movie yesterday

    Fans of The Domino Principle's assassination plot might be drawn to The Day of the Jackal, where a professional assassin is contracted to kill Charles de Gaulle, the President of France. The meticulous preparation and relentless pursuit offer a tense, cerebral experience.

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    3. The Manchurian Candidate

    #2,006 most popular movie yesterday

    Both The Domino Principle and The Manchurian Candidate delve into the theme of brainwashing and involuntary compliance in a political context. In this classic thriller, a former prisoner of war is brainwashed by communists into becoming an unwitting assassin in a larger scheme.

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    4. Blow Out

    #2,088 most popular movie yesterday

    Blow Out features a movie sound-man who accidentally records a car accident, which turns out to be a politically motivated murder. Like The Domino Principle, it combines elements of conspiracy and the quest for uncovering the truth within a suspenseful thriller framework.

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    5. Three Days of the Condor

    #2,379 most popular movie yesterday

    This political thriller, much like The Domino Principle, involves conspiracy and espionage. When a CIA researcher finds all his coworkers murdered, he must outwit those who want him dead. Fans of the high-stakes tension in The Domino Principle will appreciate this gripping tale of survival and deceit.

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    6. Conspiracy Theory

    #3,822 most popular movie yesterday

    Like The Domino Principle, Conspiracy Theory revolves around paranoia and conspiracy, following a New York City cab driver who becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy theories he believes in — some of which may be true. The movie offers a blend of suspense and action for enthusiasts of politically charged thrillers.