Movies like The Other Guys (2010)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Other Guys, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Lethal Weapon

    #732 most popular movie yesterday

    Lethal Weapon is a classic of the buddy cop genre, setting the stage for films like The Other Guys. With its combination of action, drama, and humor, and the memorable pairing of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as two mismatched LAPD detectives, it appeals to those who enjoy the mix of comedy and high-stakes policing.

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    2. Hot Fuzz

    #735 most popular movie yesterday

    Hot Fuzz is a British take on the action-comedy cop genre. The film features an overachieving officer who is transferred to a seemingly quiet town that hides a sinister secret. With its clever writing, explosive action, and satirical tone, this movie speaks to those who love the satirical edge and buddy theme of The Other Guys.

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    3. 21 Jump Street

    #893 most popular movie yesterday

    21 Jump Street is a comedic take on the buddy cop genre, much like The Other Guys. The film showcases two underachieving cops who go undercover at a local high school to take down a drug ring. The blend of action and comedy, as well as the dynamic chemistry between the leads, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, offers a similar vibe for audiences who enjoyed the antics of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

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    4. Central Intelligence

    #1,537 most popular movie yesterday

    Central Intelligence combines action with a comedic plot, featuring a mild-mannered accountant who reunites with an old high school acquaintance now working as a CIA operative. The combination of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart offers a similar kind of misfit partnership humor that fans of The Other Guys would enjoy.

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    5. The Heat

    #2,442 most popular movie yesterday

    The Heat offers a gender twist on the buddy cop genre, featuring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as an unlikely law enforcement duo. This film's wit and action-packed sequences, paired with the clash of distinct personalities, cater to viewers who appreciate the comedic and action elements found in The Other Guys.

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    6. Starsky & Hutch

    #3,436 most popular movie yesterday

    Starsky & Hutch brings the classic television series to the big screen with a humorous twist. Starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, the film parodies 1970s cop shows while delivering its own original storyline. The camaraderie and comedic situations in this throwback action-comedy align with the humorous partnership seen in The Other Guys.

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    7. Ride Along

    #3,549 most popular movie yesterday

    Ride Along presents the story of a security guard who must prove himself to his girlfriend's brother, a decorated police officer, by surviving a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta. The dynamic between the characters and the blend of humor with bursts of action will appeal to fans of The Other Guys and their penchant for cop-comedy pairings.