Movies like The Other Man (2008)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like The Other Man, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Fatal Attraction

    #390 most popular movie yesterday

    Fatal Attraction is a classic thriller that dives into the dark consequences of an affair gone wrong. With its intense storyline and focus on the fallout of infidelity, fans of The Other Man will find the psychological depth and tension compelling.

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    2. Unfaithful

    #1,297 most popular movie yesterday

    Unfaithful delves into the realm of marital infidelity, much like The Other Man, presenting a suspenseful narrative that examines the consequences when a woman's extramarital affair spirals out of control. Richard Gere’s portrayal of a husband uncovering his wife's betrayal mirrors the emotional intensity found in The Other Man.

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    3. Closer

    #1,337 most popular movie yesterday

    Closer explores the intricate and often painful interactions between two couples as they deal with attraction, betrayal, and infidelity. Its raw emotional honesty and exploration of complex relationships make it a resonant choice for those who enjoy The Other Man.

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    4. Match Point

    #2,122 most popular movie yesterday

    Match Point, while more focused on themes of luck, fate, and ambition, also deals with the complexity of extramarital relationships, much like The Other Man. It's a tale of passion, infidelity, and the drastic measures one might take to preserve a certain lifestyle.

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    5. The Good Girl

    #2,467 most popular movie yesterday

    The Good Girl features Jennifer Aniston as a married woman caught in an affair with a younger man, leading to a tumultuous set of events. Like The Other Man, it delves into the choices one makes and their impact on personal relationships.

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    6. Chloe

    #3,213 most popular movie yesterday

    Chloe is a gripping psychological thriller that explores themes of infidelity and obsession. As with The Other Man, the story revolves around a spouse suspecting their partner of cheating, and the lengths they go to uncover the truth.

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    7. Notes on a Scandal

    #3,385 most popular movie yesterday

    Notes on a Scandal is another intense drama that touches on the themes of betrayal and the unraveling of secrets. With its focus on the consequences of one's actions and the destructive nature of lies, it complements the thematic essence of The Other Man.