Movies like Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann (1982)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Time Bandits

    #40 most popular movie yesterday

    Time Bandits is a wild adventure through various historical periods, featuring a young boy and a group of time-traveling dwarves. Its whimsical and humorous approach to time travel will resonate with fans of Timerider's lighter touch on the sci-fi genre.

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    2. Back to the Future

    #75 most popular movie yesterday

    A flagship time travel movie, Back to the Future explores the consequences of tampering with the past. With a healthy balance of humor, adventure, and science fiction, this film offers a similar playful perspective on time travel as Timerider.

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    3. Peggy Sue Got Married

    #2,194 most popular movie yesterday

    A charming spin on the time travel genre, Peggy Sue Got Married follows a woman who finds herself in her high school years with the opportunity to alter her life. Like Timerider, it fuses a personal story with the wider implications of time travel.

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    4. The Final Countdown

    #2,279 most popular movie yesterday

    The Final Countdown presents a similar premise to Timerider where a modern-day aircraft carrier is transported back in time to the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack. It provides a compelling narrative on the moral dilemmas of time travel and altering history.

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    5. Freejack

    #3,236 most popular movie yesterday

    Freejack gives a darker twist to the time travel theme, with a race car driver from the past being transported to a dystopian future. It shares Timerider's concept of a protagonist caught unexpectedly in a time other than his own.