Movies like Traffic (2000)
If you're looking for some great movies that are a lot like Traffic, here is our list of similar films:
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    1. Blow

    #150 most popular movie yesterday

    Following the life of American cocaine smuggler George Jung, Blow offers a personal perspective on the drug trade. Fans of Traffic's multi-layered narrative will appreciate Blow's exploration of the drug business and its impact on individual lives.

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    2. Sicario

    #251 most popular movie yesterday

    Sicario delves into the murky world of the drug war at the U.S.-Mexico border, much like Traffic. Its gritty portrayal of the complexities and moral ambiguities of law enforcement's battle against drug cartels offers a compelling watch for fans seeking a similar thematic depth and intense atmosphere.

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    3. American Gangster

    #537 most popular movie yesterday

    American Gangster tells the true story of a Harlem drug lord and the detective dedicated to bringing him down. Much like Traffic, it offers a multi-faceted look at the drug trade, from the perspective of both the dealers and law enforcement.

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    4. Miami Vice

    #1,702 most popular movie yesterday

    Adapted from the iconic 1980s TV series, Miami Vice follows two undercover detectives in the world of drug trafficking. Fans of Traffic will appreciate the thematic exploration of drug crimes and the moral ambiguities faced by those on the front lines.

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    5. Savages

    #2,247 most popular movie yesterday

    Savages pits two marijuana growers against the Mexican drug cartel in a violent and tense clash. Those who liked the cross-border tension and drug trafficking aspects of Traffic will find Savages gripping and thematically related.

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    6. The Counselor

    #2,319 most popular movie yesterday

    The Counselor combines a high-profile cast and the grim realities of the drug trade. With a focus on how drugs impact various people at different levels, it echoes Traffic's ensemble narrative and dark, cautionary tale about drug trafficking.

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    7. End of Watch

    #2,684 most popular movie yesterday

    End of Watch presents the day-to-day life of two LAPD officers dealing with crime and drug enforcement. It shares Traffic's raw authenticity and gives an intimate look at law enforcement against the backdrop of drug-related crime.

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    8. Narc

    #4,800 most popular movie yesterday

    Narc is a hard-hitting police thriller that delves into the brutal reality of narcotics enforcement. Its raw style and moral complexities will resonate with viewers who are drawn to Traffic's serious and realistic look at the war on drugs.